Monday, December 15, 2008


YEP, WE GOT SNOW! THE KIDS WERE REALLY MISSING IT SINCE THEIR FRIENDS IN OKLAHOMA TOLD THEM ALL ABOUT THE SNOWFALL THERE LAST WEEK. Anyway, the night it snowed, we had some people over for refreshments/fellowship and as the evening was coming to a close, and people were leaving....there was a knock at the door. It was our little neighbor boys from downstairs (who actually left a few minutes earlier from our apt.) asking if our kids could come outside for a snowball fight. At first I said "NO WAY". It's WAY too cold and approaching 10:00pm. Well, the boys (& sister) and THEIR Dad were throwing snowballs at Jacob's window, which made it all too tempting for Jacob to say the least. Well, I gave in and said okay (as Randy was saying goodbye to guests). They had a great time Saturday night making snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other. That's actually been the only time they've had time to play in the snow anyway, so I'm glad I (we) gave in!

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Dawn said...

Hi Peggy! I followed a link on Emma's blog to find you. I've thought about you guys and what's going in in your world. Now I know!!