Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Blessing of Friends!

February and March were filled with special blessings for us! First of all, my friend Susan Floyd from Oklahoma came out for a surprise visit in February....I had NO idea she was coming. It was a complete surprise! Did I mention it is almost impossible to surprise ME. She had Jacob's bedroom for the weekend surrounded by his Webkinz and Lightsabers. Jody Jane (our pooch) was glad to be reunited with her also! We had a terrific weekend together which included sunny skies and semi-warm temps. (which you can't tell by the COAT Susan is modeling!)
Our second blessing was our friends the Kirkendalls who came out for a week this month. They were able to stay in the 2bdrm. Residential Suites in our apt. complex which was nice to be able to be so close to them. We had a great time together as did the kids! We did lots of fun the cold.....rain.....and snow! I think the highlight was going to a Mars Hill service at the Ballard campus where Pastor Mark Driscoll preaches. Randy and Kenan also went to our Community Group. It was hard to see all of our friends return to OK, but thankful that we were able to spend the time we did.

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